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Toddler Care

Toddler Care
Toddler Care
Toddler Care

Learning Through Exploration At Way to Grow

Walking changes everything. Your toddler wants to go everywhere and do everything. At Way to Grow, our well trained teaching take great care to create a well-charted toddler territory geared for exploration, excitement and exercise. Our hands-on child care programs cover as much ground as possible to help shape your toddler’s brain, personality, behavior and health.

Developing Your Toddler’s Interests through Activities

We know children learn best by having a variety of choices in a safe and organized environment. That’s why the toddler program at Way to Grow is designed around activity-based learning to encourage:

  • Active & Gross Motor Play: Rocking and riding toys and large climbing structures.
  • Fine Motor Play: Action/reaction toys, puzzles and stacking toys.
  • Imagination & Quiet Play: Items to stimulate imagination like dolls and accessories, kitchen sets and play food.
  • Language Development, Music & Movement: CD players, children’s books, musical instruments and puppets.
  • Creative Arts & Exploration: Art materials, sand and water table, and sensory materials.

Your Toddler’s Day

The toddler program at Way to Grow is designed around shared learning experiences that stimulate and challenge your child each and every day. The structure of a typical day in the life of your toddler might include:

  • Group activities like singing songs or exploring books.
  • Teacher-initiated activities like music or art.
  • Child-directed activities.
  • A snuggly story time.
  • Lunch and naptimes to nourish and rest your child’s growing mind and body.
  • Outdoor play at least twice daily to burn off energy and develop motor skills.

Our toddler child care program also exceedsy state-mandated teacher-to-child ratios. And, you may receive a log of your child’s feeding, sleeping, diapering and learning activities every day, so you can be confident we’ve provided a range of activities designed to engage your toddler and encourage fine and gross motor skills, language development and an understanding of caring relationships.